The Importance of Having a High WPM

A fast typing speed is a vital skill for anyone to have, whether for work or school. Having the ability to quickly and efficiently type can make a significant difference in the efficiency of completing tasks, especially when it comes to long-form writing or typing out lengthy emails or reports. In fact, many jobs require a certain minimum typing speed, and having a high WPM can increase your competitive edge when applying for these positions.

WPM stands for words per minute and is a measurement of how many words are processed in a single minute. It is typically used to measure and denote the speed of typing, reading, or Morse code sending and receiving. A “word” is defined as five keystrokes, which include spaces and punctuation marks. A free online WPM calculator can help estimate your typing and reading speeds. It is important to note that the calculation takes into account all keystrokes, including those containing errors. Therefore, it is best to focus on a net WPM figure that only includes correct keystrokes, which is often stated as your accuracy percentage.

The average typing speed for adults is around 40 WPM, though this may vary based on profession. To be considered an advanced typist, individuals should be able to produce over 80 WPM. In order to achieve this level, it is recommended that individuals practice and become a touch typist, which means they are familiar with all the keys on their keyboard and can type without looking at the keyboard. wpm

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