Choosing the Right Office Water Cooler

For many, the office water cooler is a workplace staple. It’s not just a dispenser for hydration, it’s a space for connection, respite and team bonding. As a result, it deserves some love.

Whether you buy or rent an office water cooler, choosing the right option for your business is essential to your overall workplace productivity. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there to suit your needs.

Traditional bottle-type coolers typically use a 5-US-gallon (1.9 L) plastic or glass bottle that is filled with purified water and placed upside down on the unit. The water is dispensed via a faucet or through a cooler’s built-in reservoir.

In addition to offering a wide variety of bottle sizes, modern office water coolers also offer a number of other features. For example, some can offer the choice of sparkling water in addition to still water. Others can track the number of single-use plastic bottles saved as part of a company’s sustainable efforts.

Some can even provide the option to directly fill a reusable bottle with tap water. This reduces the number of disposable bottles that need to be disposed of and offers employees the convenience of bringing their own reusable water bottle into work.

For businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint, a Culligan bottle-free office water cooler for work can be the ideal solution. These systems connect directly to the water line and can offer nearly limitless filtered water on demand. With a one-time installation from your local Culligan water expert, this is a great way to reduce the number of disposable bottles used in your office. office water cooler

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