The Quality of Information About Fenbendazole

Fenbendazole is an FDA-approved medication used to treat parasites in dogs, cats, rabbits, and goats. It also treats helminth infections in pigs. This moderate-acting medication is usually out of the pet’s system within a few days. However, it can take up to a week in guinea pigs and rabbits. If your veterinarian prescribes fenbendazole, be sure to follow the dosage instructions carefully. Taking the medication with food or milk can help prevent stomach upset. If your vet prescribes a compounded formulation of fenbendazole, follow the directions for use on that particular label.

In vitro tests of fenbendazole’s cytotoxicity in tumor cells showed that it has a dose-dependent cytotoxic effect. It also has a radiosensitizing effect, as demonstrated by the results of an in vitro radiation response assay and a radiation sensitivity test using an EMT6 colony formation assay (see Figures 1 and 2).

To determine whether fenbendazole’s ability to disperse microtubules and disrupt the cell’s microtubule framework was responsible for its cytotoxic effects, the drug was treated with varying concentrations of the colchicine analog rhodamine 123 (Rho123) to reversibly block the binding of acetyl groups to tubulin. Treatment with fenbendazole resulted in a significant increase in Rho123 accumulation in mitochondria, indicating that fenbendazole interferes with microtubule organization to alter the cell’s cellular structure.

To evaluate the quality of information that patients receive about fenbendazole, we conducted focus group interviews with 21 lung cancer patients who were informed about fenbendazole’s effect on tumor cell growth. The focus group interview (FGI) was conducted by an experienced moderator, and participants were asked to answer three questions relating to: 1) the source of their information about fenbendazole; 2) the accuracy of that information; and 3) their perceptions toward the information they received. fenben

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