Nipple Protectors For Breastfeeding

A nipple protector is a great breastfeeding aid for new moms who have sore nipples or issues with the latch. They can help to stimulate the nipple and areola, improve positioning and attachment, and assist with a let down and milk flow. They also help to make nursing easier if a mother has an inverted, flat or short nipple, or an overactive let down.

The best nipple shields are soft, thin and flexible. They should fit comfortably around the nipple and areola, with no creases or folds that can rub against the skin. The shield should also have a cut-out to allow the baby’s mouth to fit inside it for feeding, and they should be odorless and BPA-free.

If a nipple shield is too large, it can be uncomfortable for both the mother and the baby. It can also restrict the flow of breastmilk, making it hard for the baby to get a good latch and feed properly.

This set of nipple shields is ultra-thin and soft, and they are designed to help address many breastfeeding challenges. They are great for preemies or babies with tongue-tie latches, and they can be used under the guidance of a Lactation Consultant. The soft silicone material fits naturally to the nipple, and it’s odor-free, BPA-free and latex-free. It comes with a case for hygienic storage between uses and is suitable for long-term use. It’s available in a wide range of sizes, from 16mm to 28mm. nipple protectors for breastfeeding

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