How to Take Care of Your Boiler in Summer?

When it is cold, we cannot do without boilers. But, as the weather turns out to be more warm and comfortable, the scenario changes completely.

These summer days are for holidays and merrymaking. And we hardly have that time and mind to think of that big rectangle box, which might probably be in our kitchen cupboard or somewhere under the stairs.

Of course, we don’t need our boiler for heating in summer. But, you don’t know, your boiler might have worked well this winter. But it can show some signs of defects when you turn it on the next winter after the long summer break. Months of dormancy can get more dirt and dust to accumulate on its surface and also on some of its interior parts getting them to malfunction.

And, as we all know, having a nonworking boiler in the middle of the winter months is a big misery. Boilers turn out to be our best friends during the fall, and being without heating and a hot water supply during that freezing winter is almost like a nightmare.

Certainly, you should think of finding out measures to prevent it. And we are here to discuss the right precautionary measures, you can take during the summer to stop such winter breakdowns.

1. Test Run the Boiler: Boilers are meant for heating and hot water supply. But turning them on for heating in summer is not something we can think of. And of course, that adds an unnecessary expense to your energy bill. But to get your boiler functioning well, it is good to turn on the heating for a few minutes. Even, at least for 10 minutes, you can run the boiler, every month. And that will be enough to get its parts functioning alright, and not to break down in the winter.

2. Get your System a Thorough Cleaning: Dirt and dust can accumulate very fast. And especially, when it’s somewhere, where we hardly visit and get that cleaned. As this heating appliance gets out of our sight during the hot season, it mostly turns very dirty. And that dirt, at times also affects the internal parts of the boiler. Defects and leakages often get hidden under that layer of dirt, and thorough cleaning is the best way to find them.

3. Bleed your Radiators: Air can get into your radiators for various reasons, maybe at times while you had your boiler opened for service or repair. But if you have excess trapped air in the system, that can cause issues like noise, delay in heating, uneven heat distribution, and so on. As you bleed those radiators, you get that unwanted air to move out of the system. Conducting this process during the summer days can better assure you that you have no such problems arising up for the winter.

4. Maintain the Right Boiler Pressure: Not only during the summer but pressure issues in your boiler can also happen any time of the year. And to find out whether your boiler has got the right pressure, it’s better to check the boiler pressure gauge almost every month. Boiler pressure, getting too high or too low, can get the boiler faulty. However, if you are unable to check the boiler pressure and fix it, you can anyways hire a registered gas engineer for it.

5. Inspect your Boiler: As you get your heating system cleaned, you can just run your eyes through it to find out if everything is right with it. Keep a note of any corrosion, leakages, or faults, you find in the system and get them fixed on time. Minor faults can turn out to be a major issue with time. Better, to speak with a professional and get things fixed before it’s time for the cold days.

6. Get a Professional Boiler Service: Having your boiler serviced once a year can determine its good health and safety. And during the year, summertime is taken to be the best. It’s during this time of the year, the gas engineers have more free time. So not only you can get them at your convenient time to do the job, but you can also avail of their jobs at special rates and discounts this time.gas boiler service

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