How to Make Beautiful Paper Quilling Jewelry

Until recently, paper quilling was a highly exclusive craft. It was the work of genteel ladies, taught in schools along with needlework, during Edwardian and Victorian times. Often, these elaborate coiled pieces of paper were used as decorative ornamentation on household items, tea caddies, portraits and screens. Some of the work was painted or gilded to enhance the beauty of these intricate designs. These embellishments served as a means to show wealth and leisure time available for hobbies.

Many of these old works are still in existence today. They have survived because the quilling work was done with fine paper that has great strength and durability. Specialist quilling paper is available on the consumer market in a wide range of colors and dimensions. It may be divided into several categories, including solid-colored, graduated, two-tone and acid-free.

Quilling is a paper art that uses a variety of shapes to create dazzling patterns. There are two main types of quilling shapes: scrolls and coils. Each type offers countless design possibilities for stunning jewelry and other paper art.

Most beginners make scrolls and coils with the same technique, but there are some subtle differences between them. The difference is in how the ends of each shape are finished. For example, a spiral with an even and round center is called a smooth or straight end, while one that is crimped and slightly bulged outward is known as a slanted or fluted end. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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