Hotels With Lake Garda Views

A favourite with ancient Roman writers, European royalty and artists, Italy’s largest lake entices couples, families and outdoor lovers alike. Its balmy climate and picturesque Alpine scenery make it a great place to hike or bike, while water sports are all popular in towns such as Riva del Garda, Torbole and Limone. There’s a wealth of hotels on Lake Garda’s shores, from Renaissance palazzos to designer boutique retreats. Our Gurus recommend the southern regions around Sirmione, Gardona and Brescia, where you’ll find a good range of hotels with Lake Garda views.

You can’t go wrong with a classic lakeside hotel, such as Villa Arcadio or Hotel Cordevigo, both of which have rooms bursting with character and overlook the stunning lakefront promenade. If you prefer something more contemporary, try a hotel such as the upscale Hotel Lago di Garda. Its four-story building doesn’t reveal its age at first glance, with its streamlined exterior, modern interior and minimalist décor. Inside, design whizz Piero Lissoni’s light touch is evident throughout the lobby and bar areas, with soft-toned furnishings and original mouldings blending with Oriental rugs and leather couches.

There are plenty of hotels in Lake Garda that cater specifically to couples on romantic breaks or honeymoons. Take a look at our list of the best hotels for romantic getaways in Lake Garda to find resorts with opulent interiors, choice couple’s dinners and spa access. If you’re looking for a wellness hotel, check out our picks for the top Lake Garda hotels with spa facilities such as Grand Hotel Liberty or Hotel Sole Relax & Panorama. hotels garda lake garda

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