Fender Washers

Fender washers are flat washers similar to standard flat washers but typically with a larger outer diameter in relation to their center holes. This makes them ideal for use in thin or soft materials such as sheet metal, and it allows you to evenly distribute forces when tightening a bolt or screw. They are also very durable and help prevent corrosion between a mechanical piece (like an aluminum surface and a steel screw) by distributing the load across a greater area of the material.

In addition to their general-purpose capabilities, fender washers can also be used to secure fasteners in parts that have been damaged by rust or corrosion. The washer’s oversized outer diameter will allow the head of a screw or bolt to catch on it, even when the part’s surface is corroded and no longer smooth enough for the head of a fastener to grip on.

These heavy-duty flat washers can be found in a variety of sizes and can come with additional strengthening materials like neoprene or stainless steel for added durability. They are commonly used for auto repair, plumbing and electrical work, as well as with wood paneling and drywall. You can find fender washers in a variety of finishes as well, including galvanized, nickel-plated and zinc-plated. You can also find a variety of SAE flat washers for automotive applications, as well as extra-heavy fender washers for heavier applications and thicker materials. fender washers

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