Betting Systems Explained

Betting systems are a form of gambling strategy that attempt to maximise wins and minimise losses by altering bet sizes. They often involve increasing stakes when you lose and decreasing them when you win, which can be risky if your bankroll isn’t big enough to sustain a long run of losing bets. There are a number of different betting systems and they all fall into either the negative progression or positive progression categories.

Negative progression betting systems increase your bet size when you lose and decrease it when you win. They are a risky technique and the mathematics behind them make them objectively dangerous from a responsible gambling perspective.

Positive progression betting systems increase your bet size when winning and reduce it when you lose. They are a good choice if you’re lucky and can be a great way to maximise your profits.

OLBG member Scratville has developed a very successful horse racing system based on trainer records. He looks at trainer’s previous year’s results by month and seeks out those that show a consistent record. He then places a bet on every runner from that stable for the month.

This system is similar to an accumulator bet, but instead of placing a single wager on each runner, you place multiple bets on the same selection. This spreads your risk and gives you a better chance of winning if one or more of your predictions are correct. It’s important to remember that you should expect a number of losses in order to make a profit.

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